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Calculated a Distance from Maldon,Australia to Wivenhoe,Australia
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Distance Calculator > > Calculate the distance from Maldon to Wivenhoe ( Australia )

Distance from Maldon 02 - to Wivenhoe 06

We have calculated the distance in miles and kilometers between Maldon and Wivenhoe and have shown fuel costs and where available maps and driving directions from Maldon to Wivenhoe .

If you scroll down the page, you'll see useful estimates for fuel consumption for your road trip to Wivenhoe and we added weather for your target destination of Wivenhoe too.

Distance in miles from Maldon Australia to Wivenhoe Australia in a straight line is 540 miles or 868.86 Kilometers problem? Share your  local knowledge


Distance considerations when travelling from from Maldon to Wivenhoe

By Car: If you were in a car doing an average speed of 60mph (96 kmh) over the course of your journey it would take you around 10.98 hours to get from Maldon to Wivenhoe

Things like Forests, Seas, Deserts, Rivers and Mountains will impact on these estimates, so please dont take these distances literally for driving.

View Maps of Maldon and Wivenhoe

gas Petrol and Fuel Costs for Maldon to Wivenhoe
If you were a European based driver and paying 6.36 (€ or £) per gallon (1.40 per litre) for your petrol, driving in a vehicle that averaged 40 MPG then your fuel costs would be around 104.75 (euros/pounds). This is based on an estimated driving distance of 658.8 miles 1060.01 km.

Where possible we'll show actual road routes and direction maps below, we suggest using these values in any calculations you make.

Click here to calculate the journey fuel cost for this route from Maldon to Wivenhoe using your own values

Driving Estimations for a distance of 540 Miles
Average Speed Overall drive time
50 mph 13.18 hours (791 minutes)
60 mph 10.98 hours (659 minutes)
70 mph 9.41 hours (565 minutes)

Flying: If you were in a plane flying at an average cruise speed of 450 mph (724.1 kmh) for the duration of your journey it would take you around 1.7 hours to travel from Maldon to Wivenhoe

* All times are for illustrative purposes and should not be relied upon as actual journey times. Check with your travel company for precise journey times between Maldon and Wivenhoe or ask us a question, we might be able to help!

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Maps of Maldon and Wivenhoe Printer Friendly Version

No map displayed? Click here for an alternative map route key Maldon to Wivenhoe


Wivenhoe 8 day Weather Forecast

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