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Hungary Airports Codes and Closest Cities

We currently have 11 airports and codes on file for Hungary.

Click on a Hungary airport below to see additional travel, location and distance information for that airport including nearest cities and flight times.

  Debrecen Airport Nearest City: Debrecen - Airport code DEB

  Ferihegy Airport Nearest City: Budapest - Airport code BUD

  Gy?r-Pér International Airport Nearest City: Gy?r - Airport code QGY

  Kecskemet Airport Nearest City: Kecskemet - Airport code

  Nyiregyhaza Airport Nearest City: Nyirregyhaza - Airport code

  Ocseny Airport Nearest City: Ocseny - Airport code

  Papa Airport Nearest City: Papa - Airport code

  Pécs-Pogány Airport Nearest City: Pécs-Pogány - Airport code PEV

  Sármellék International Airport Nearest City: Sármellék - Airport code SOB

  Szentkiralyszabadja Airport Nearest City: Azentkilyszabadja - Airport code

  Szolnok Airport Nearest City: Szolnok - Airport code



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