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Israel Airports Codes and Closest Cities

We currently have 16 airports and codes on file for Israel.

Click on a Israel airport below to see additional travel, location and distance information for that airport including nearest cities and flight times.

  Ben Gurion Airport Nearest City: Tel-aviv - Airport code TLV

  Eilat Airport Nearest City: Elat - Airport code ETH

  En Yahav Airport Nearest City: Eyn-yahav - Airport code

  Eyn Shemer Airport Nearest City: Eyn-shemer - Airport code

  Haifa Airport Nearest City: Haifa - Airport code HFA

  Hatzor Airport Nearest City: Haztor - Airport code

  I Bar Yehuda Airport Nearest City: Metzada - Airport code

  Mahanaim I Ben Yaakov Airport Nearest City: Rosh Pina - Airport code RPN

  Megiddo Airport Nearest City: Megido Airstrip - Airport code

  Nevatim Ab Airport Nearest City: Nevatim - Airport code

  Ovda Airport Nearest City: Ovda - Airport code VDA

  Ramat David Airport Nearest City: Ramat David - Airport code

  Ramon Airport Nearest City: Ramon - Airport code

  Sde Dov Airport Nearest City: Tel-aviv - Airport code SDV

  Tel Nov Airport Nearest City: Tel-nof - Airport code

  Teyman Airport Nearest City: Beer-sheba - Airport code BEV



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