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What is the flying distance from Hoybuktmoen (KKN) Norway to Langnes (TOS) Norway airports?

The distance from Hoybuktmoen to Langnes is 263.52 miles or 424 Kilometres.

Flight Time Approximations: How long would it take to fly from Hoybuktmoen to Langnes? If you were in a Boeing 747 and maintained an average cruising speed of 450 mph (724.1 kmh) through the duration of the flightit would take you around 1.1 hours to get from Hoybuktmoen to Langnes. Flying estimates include a 15 min buffer for take off and landing.

Hoybuktmoen Airport Information

Airport Name: Hoybuktmoen City: Kirkenes Country:Norway Location: Latitude 69.725781 Longitude 29.891295 Elevation 283ft 3 letter Code KKN
. Timezone is GMT 1

The following airlines are reported to fly out from Kirkenes, Norway:Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavian Airlines System, Wider,

Langnes Airport Information


Airport Name: Langnes City: Tromso Country:Norway Location: Latitude 69.683333 Longitude 18.918919 Elevation 31ft 3 Letter Code TOS
Timezone is GMT 1

The following airlines are reported to fly out from Langnes, Tromso, Norway:Aeroflot-Nord, Air Baltic, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavian Airlines System, Wider,

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